Dec 01 2014 > Dec 10 2014     Ukrainian Seasons of Modern Art in Hong Kong
Brought by Galerie Les Noms

    (HONG KONG, November 12, 2014) The first ever UKRAINIAN SEASONS OF MODERN ART IN HONG KONG will start in December 2014. Organized by Galerie Les Noms, the ten day event will be held at the prestigious Space Gallery on Hollywood Road, which is the center of the city's art life and currently accommodates over 50 galleries from around the globe.

    This distinctive art exhibition will introduce the best of the Ukrainian contemporary art scene to Hong Kong. The art collection of the UKRAINIAN SEASONS showcases the highly provocative works of BONDERO and A. Babchinskiy, which reflect a modern outlook on life. Also featured are the original works of A. Yaloza, A. Prokopenko and other unique, internationally acclaimed artists. UKRAINIAN SEASONS OF MODERN ART IN HONG KONG aspires not only to indulge Hong Kong art lovers in one of their most cherished interests whilst broadening their knowledge of modern Ukrainian art, but also to increase the overall appreciation for Ukrainian culture through paintings and music. 

    The ten day exhibition starts on December 1st, continuing until December 10th, 2014 and incorporated within this period will be three anchor events, namely the private opening reception, closing cocktail and Ukrainian folk concert titled 


    “With Ukraine in my Heart”.

    Yuriy Gutsu, the owner of Galerie Les Noms from Kiev, is one of the most prominent collectors of contemporary Ukrainian art in Europe. He is certainly sure that UKRAINIAN SEASONS OF MODERN ART IN HONG KONG will be an exciting discovery in the city where the Eastern European art will begin to find its audience. “We consider Hong Kong the Art Capital of Asia and see a lot of interest both locally and from Mainland China. “ he says, - “Asian art lovers are now eager to explore the captivating world of modern art. We are bringing the works of the best Ukrainian contemporary artists to Hong Kong in hope to win over their hearts.”

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